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As blockchain technology rises in importance, it is critical to continue our efforts to build awareness and lower barriers to entry for the blockchain industry. At Zilliqa, we are committed to providing resources to support burgeoning talents learn more and develop their ideas on Zilliqa’s blockchain platform. Participants will get to learn more about Scilla, work on meaningful projects, and connect with Zilliqa experts, to launch their individual journeys in this space. 

8 March 2021 – 12 April 2021

Developer Bootcamp
and Student Practicum

Advance your career in blockchain and get mentored by experts from Zilliqa on exciting industry projects.

Interactive Learning

Scilla is a language for writing smart contracts that are safe by design. Since smart contracts have to deal with digital assets, they are often targeted by hackers for any flaws in the programming which might allow the hackers to exploit them. Scilla is based on functional programming languages such as OCaml which makes it more friendly towards static checks and formal verification which can help programmers make their smart contracts much more secure. Below are self learning course materials that can aid you in learning our language.

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ZILHive Education is curated for aspiring developers, entrepreneurs and individuals. We seek to empower individuals, to help hone your technical skills and bring you a step closer to landing your dream job.

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Featured Courses

Your first step into blockchain technology.

23 Jul – 3 Sept 2020

Blockchain Developer Course

The course is for web developers to upskill and learn how to build decentralised applications on the Zilliqa blockchain platform.

19 Aug – 30 Sept 2020

Blockchain for Business

The course will introduce blockchain fundamentals with a deep dive into real world business use-cases for blockchain technology.

Self-Paced | Available in Late Aug 2020


The course will introduce blockchain fundamentals using Zilliqa blockchain as the primary medium of learning.

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