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Foundation Course

ZILHive Foundation Course

The ZILHive Foundational Course is an online self-learning course aimed at students and PMETs with little to no knowledge of blockchain technology. The course will introduce blockchain fundamentals using Zilliqa blockchain as the primary medium of learning. Participants can complete this programme at their own pace.

Upcoming Foundation Course

Course Date

Late Aug 2020 onwards


5 Lessons


Any Time

Free Online Course, Open to All

No hidden costs, no employment bonds. Learn more about blockchain technology through our free online course when you register for this Foundation Course.


Week 1

Introduction to the Zilliqa Protocol

We will be introducing and familiarizing you with Zilliqa’s Protocol, Smart Contracts with Scilla, Zilliqa Wallets, using the ZILPay Wallet, Neo Savant IDE, and Zilliqa Javascript Library.

Week 2 - 3

Smart Contract with Scilla Language

You will be learning about Smart Contract Fundamentals, having hands on with Scilla using the Savant IDE, and working with Basic Data types and with List and Maps.

Week 4 - 5

Decentralized Web Application

We will be teaching you how to manage Smart Contracts programmatically, setting up a workflow for Smart Contracts, and working with React & ZILPay.

Week 6

Zilliqa/Scilla Team Sharing + Q&A

A representative from Zilliqa will be share more about the organisation and the support they provide to the community through the ZILHive ecosystem in this session.

Week 7

Deploying your Dapp with Heroku

You will be getting to production on Heroku, and there will be a Group Code Review.

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