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Build a decentralised application on Zilliqa with

ZILHive Grants

To encourage the development and adoption of decentralised applications (dApps) built on Zilliqa, we have set aside a pool of US$5 million to be granted to promising individuals, teams and projects to support them in bringing their creative visions to life on our platform.


Targeted to developers who wish to create development toolings, regulatory frameworks, analytics tools, higher-level SDKs, or Layer-2 protocols for the Open Finance (OpFi) ecosystem.


Targeted to entrepreneurs who wish to create dApps on the Zilliqa blockchain. Priority will be given to innovative applications that tokenise real-world assets, enable issuance of digital identity, or enable exchange of goods and services in a digital marketplace.


Research topics include, but are not limited to, cryptography, consensus design, scalability, and privacy.

Grants in numbers


We have completed 6 waves of the ZILHive Grants programme, and are currently accepting applications for our 6th wave.


We have funded over 70 exciting, innovative and visionary projects that are setting great examples for the benefits of blockchain.


We welcome global participation, and have funded participants from 22 different countries within the programme.

Grant Recipients

We are proud to have identified many talented grantees within the ZILHive programme (previously known as the Ecosystem Grants Programme). Each of these teams has provided excellent infrastructure and business ideas, which will help grow the Zilliqa ecosystem.

Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

Zilliqa blog

Announcing the First Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

With our mainnet, we intended to have an ecosystem of applications running on Zilliqa that will support enterprises as well as end consumers.

Zilliqa blog

Announcing the Second Wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

We have decided to commit this wave of grants to projects looking to improve Zilliqa’s ease of development and user experience.

Zilliqa blog

Announcing the Third Wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

In knowing that there still exists unwavering passion burning in the hearts of the #BUIDLer community, we are optimistic about the future of this industry and the road ahead.

Zilliqa blog

Announcing the Fourth Wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

Moving forward, we will focus on the second layer infrastructure tooling that businesses will need to conduct b-commerce.

Zilliqa blog

Announcing the Fifth Wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

We find it crucial for the projects we support to be aligned with Zilliqa’s larger growth priorities. Therefore, it is now under the ZilHive umbrella.

Zilliqa blog

Announcing the Sixth Wave of Zilliqa Ecosystem Grant Awardees

ZILHive Grant – previously known as the Ecosystem Grants Programme – is now in its sixth edition. 

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