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ZILHive Incubator

Be an architect in Zilliqa's decentralized universe

Applications are open

Build on Zilliqa and contribute to the open metaverse with us today. Apply by June 5, 2022, 23:59 ET to be eligible for the program.

Program Dates

July 14 – Nov 4, 2022

Collaborate on the next dApp on Zilliqa with us

Take ideation to the next level with ZILHive, Zilliqa’s ecosystem growth arm. The ZILHive Incubator is a multi-phase incubator program aimed at nurturing passionate Zilliqa builders to learn, grow, and connect with other like-minded peers.

Better understand Web3 and the fundamentals of Scilla and work alongside other collaborators in the ZILHive community to build on Zilliqa today.

The ZILHive Incubator is set to commence from July 14 to Nov 4, 2022. Register by June 5, 23:59 ET to be eligible for the program.

What’s in 
it for me?

Interested participants can look forward to enjoying these key benefits of the ZILHive Incubator Program:

01 Build in the metaverse
The ZILHive Incubator 2022 focuses on 3 key areas: DeFi, Metaverse (NFTs and Gaming), and Crosschain Interoperability. Build the future of the Internet with us today.
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02 Kickstart your dream with like-minded collaborators
One of the cornerstones of building an exceptional company is having great partners. Through this program, incubatees will be able to forge an elite team dedicated to bringing their vision to life.
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03 Work with dedicated minds across the globe
As participation is open to all professionals and developers worldwide, incubatees will get many opportunities to connect with professionals and industry leaders not limited to their country of residence.
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04 Access our internationally interconnected ecosystem
Access a plethora of resources and industry support through ZILHive’s vast and connected network. Beyond this programme, exceptional individuals can further the growth of their projects through our other initiatives: the ZILHive Accelerator Program, ZILHive Grants, and ZILHive Ventures.
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Growing the Zilliqa ecosystem

We have graduated 14 projects in our inaugural launch in 2021, with 6 entering the ZILHive Accelerator:

Kickstart your ZILHive Incubator journey

Get started with zero cost required

Participation in this programme is free and fully sponsored by Zilliqa. Kickstart your journey into Zilliqa’s blockchain ecosystem today when you apply for ZILHive’s Incubator Programme.

Enhance your blockchain journey with our network of resources

ZILHive aims to provide holistic support to all entrepreneurs and developers building on the Zilliqa platform, no matter your business’s stage of maturity. Take a closer look at our roadmap to plan the next step in your journey.

Incubator Feature

Check out 5 of our incubator teams who had the opportunity to present their project and journey during Zilliqa’s annual birthday celebration event.

Frequently asked questions

Determining your eligibility

We do not discriminate — anyone interested to build on Zilliqa is welcome.  

We would prefer if program participants are familiar with the basics of blockchain for us to delve deep into Scilla and how you can build the next unicorn dApp on Zilliqa. 

We are ultimately looking for passionate builders (developers, or founders) with an open mindset to learn and grow together. Technical skills, prior experience with Scilla, and business experience would be a good to have. We are not concerned with demographic range, prior Zilliqa affiliation, or geographic location. 

Yes. The ZILHive Incubator will only accept individuals or teams who intends to build on the Zilliqa protocol.

Yes, you may apply for the programme as ZILHive Incubator is a global virtual programme. If you’re accepted in the programme, you will not need to obtain a visa for the virtual programme.

No, the ZILHive Incubator is a part-time virtual program. The timing of these program sessions will be determined at a later date to accommodate our future cohort.

Application process

Applications will be processed on a rolling basis. You will hear back from us soon if you are shortlisted to join the Incubator Program.

Yes, you can apply to the program as an individual or as part of a team. Individuals will be matched with others who possess different competencies to ensure fairness across the board. However, we are open to having participants progress as a solo team if they believe that they have the comprehensive skillsets to build on their own.

Yes. However, we will eventually require teams to narrow down to one idea to focus on.

Yes. However, we will require a commitment level of 90% for all sessions conducted during the Incubator.

Not to worry! There will be opportunities for you to hang out and get to know your cohort. This will help you find a suitable co-founder, or teammates, that you would love to work with.

Program fees are fully sponsored by ZILHive.. No cost is required to be part of the programme.

We will not be providing any office spaces or living accommodations during the course of the programme as it is held virtually.

Other Program Details

Yes. Participants with promising projects will be eligible for grants and investments from ZILHive Ventures. 

As the ecosystem arm of Zilliqa, ZILHive is incentivised to support all projects building on the Zilliqa blockchain. We treat all application data as confidential information.

Our key focuses for 2022 would be on DeFi, cross-chain interoperability, and the metaversal ecosystem (NFTs/ gaming). 

Mentors are still being determined based on their availability and the commitment period. More details will be updated here, or over on our Discord

Build your team with ZILHive today

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