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ZILHive Ventures

Empowering the future of decentralised web

Expand your business’s horizon with ZILHive Ventures.

Get one step closer to building the future of Web 3.0 with ZILHive Ventures. Dedicated to accelerating the growth and adoption of blockchain technology, this globally-focused fund aims to finance and provide a holistic network of support for outstanding startups that share this common goal. Take your vision to the next level when you partner with us today.

Transformative innovation starts with us

Startups funded as of 2022

ZILHive Ventures is committed to financing the visionaries of tomorrow. Experience our network of investors and industry leaders to help grow your business. To date, we have funded over 90+ startups dedicated to accelerating the growth of blockchain.

Funding given to transformative ideas

Starting from seed stage funding, ZILHive Ventures looks to provide support to exceptional startups looking to raise up to 500K USD — either in cash, or $ZIL tokens.

Participating companies worldwide

The inaugural round of this globally-focused ZILHive Ventures fund aims to connect with up to 20 companies worldwide in 2022.

Think you have
what it takes?

Here are a few considerations we have in mind when selecting our next batch of portfolio companies.

Utilization of
 Zilliqa protocol
Projects must be built on Zilliqa or offer an angle for any interoperability play between Zilliqa and other blockchain platforms.
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Project alignment and focus
Projects should also be dedicated to creating innovations in the decentralized finance space, contributing to the growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs), or aiming to develop the next generation of social tokens.
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Strong vision
Projects should have a good business model, be industry-ready, have a strong team and a working product prepared for consideration.
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Our portfolio companies


With XanPool, users can trustlessly connect their financial infrastructure with other software users across the world.


Zeeve is a platform with robust Blockchain core infrastructure that allows businesses to set-up their own Blockchain ecosystem.


Switcheo is the world’s leading DEX platform that allows users to buy or trade crypto such as Ethereum and Neo.


Mintable enables anyone create, manage, and sell digital files with all the benefits of provable ownership, immutability, and traceability.


Coinrule is a meta trading platform that allows you to set up rules-based crypto currency trading across multiple crypto exchanges.


Xcademy is a EdTech platform teaching people how to be a Youtuber and Streamer.

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Our Team

Amrit Kumar


Colin Miles


Han Wen Chua

Investment Director

Madison Tang

Investment Manager

Joseph Lim

Ventures Partner

Enhance your blockchain journey with our network of resources

ZILHive aims to provide holistic support to all entrepreneurs and developers building on the Zilliqa platform, no matter your business’s stage of maturity. Take a closer look at our roadmap to plan the next step in your journey.

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We are currently open to accepting applications. If you would like to contact us for a potential investment opportunity, an introduction from a mutual contact would be preferred.


Otherwise, submit your pitch deck below and we will get back to you shortly on your application.