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ZILHive Accelerator

Demo Day 2021

Went out live on 20 Feb 2022 15:00 (GMT+8) 

2021 - 2022 Cohort | Featured Startups


At Access, we want to tokenize ticketing. We help event organizers tap into secondary markets and combat ticketing fraud.

Use Case : Asset Tokenisation


We empower communities and institutional participants with a decentralized non-gaming prediction market to transfer risk and hedge against hazards. Democratic. Efficient. Liquid.

Use Case : FinTech



HeyAlfie, based in Singapore and Japan, is a smart dashboard for crypto users to manage, invest and borrow digital assets all in one place.


Industry: FinTech


Invopay is an invoice financing platform focused on providing SME’s cash quicker using blockchain.


Industry: FinTech


MustPool is a no loss prize protocol, where the deposited principle remains safe and the prizes come from the interest earnings, leveraging different staking and lending dApps on Zilliqa. 


Industry: FinTech

Green Beanz

Green Beanz aims to use blockchain to create a network incentivising consumer-facing companies to carry out sustainable actions, while helping companies and NGOs improve on their transparency and accuracy of their CSR and SDG impact measurement.


Industry: IT / NFT



Tyron is a self-sovereign identity protocol that enables users to create digital identities that keep control over their data. So users can manage their online assets and credentials, proving who they are without a middleman.

Industry: Web Portals / IT

UFF Sports

We are creating NFTs to represent all of the athletes in the various sports leagues. We say “You Own The Game” because we offer digital asset ownership of your team.

Industry: Sports / NFT

ZILHive Demo Day 2021